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Natural-looking rejuvenation and beautification

Our aesthetic doctors have many years’ experience performing SAFE filler injections that deliver beautiful results

Fillers around mouth

Areas treated include fine lines above the lip, nose-to-mouth folds, creases at the corners of the mouth and cheek lines. Usually our doctors perform nerve block injections for maximum comfort so you don’t feel the needle.  We use various soft, non-permanent hyaluronic acid fillers depending on the depth and extent of the wrinkles.

Lip fillers

After a consultation to determine your own wishes, we numb the lips and use advanced techniques to give definition, volume, or enhance symmetry.  Usually both top and bottom lips are treated for aesthetically ideal proportions but this depends on your anatomy and your own preference.

Under eye fillers

This delicate area is treated by adding volume under the muscle below the eyes to reduce dark circles, tear trough shadows, and smooth the transition between the eyelids and the cheeks.  Results can last over one year.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

In select cases, we can improve the shape of the nose by removing the appearance of a bump or enhancing the tip with carefully placed fillers.  Our doctors will assess you and discuss the best approach to make sure you are treated safely in this delicate area.

Cheekbone and midface fillers

Since much of the volume loss that occurs with aging occurs in the cheek fat compartments, we use volume restoration techniques to improve the shape of the face and enhance the cheekbones (without looking unnatural!) so your face looks more youthful and beautiful.  Cheekbone fillers are also used in men to add strength and definition.

Chin and jawline enhancement

We use hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers to define and strengthen the chin and jawline.  Chin fillers enhance the profile and improve lower facial proportions, whereas fillers along the jawline sharpen the definition between the face and neck and can improve the appearance of sagging jowls without surgery.

Full face approach

For maximum impact, we frequently address the entire face to address changes that occur in the soft tissues, muscles and even bones. This holistic approach gives beautiful, harmonious results that look natural, often making you look years younger.  After a thorough assessment and 3D imaging, areas treated include the temples, midface, under eyes, lips, chin and jawline.