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Muscle-relaxing injection results that look natural

Beautiful results through 18 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine

Upper face

Assessment is vital.  Carefully placed injections to smooth frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet without dropping the brow or creating a “spock” look.  Other treatment areas include the nose lines and bunching lines under the eyes.

Smile and mouth

Expertly placed injections to reduce a gummy smile, give a “lip flip”, treat smokers lines or reduce the downturned mouth appearance.  We also treat the dimpled chin or “cobblestone” chin appearance.

Neck bands

The turkey neck appearance that is caused by platysmal bands that tend to be prominent in some people can be reduced with muscle-relaxing injections.  If the neck is loose or sagging, we may recommend alternative procedures.  The jawline can also be treated to affect a subtle lift—the so-called Nefertiti lift

Square jaw & grinding

We also use muscle-relaxing injectiong to relax the strong masseter muscle that gives the jaw a square appearance and also increases in size in people with bruxism who grind their teeth.  After 2-3 treatments, the muscle atrophies and the face shape becomes more oval or heart-shaped.


These injections are also used for excessive sweating under the arms or in the palms of the hands.  For underarm sweating, or axillary hyperhidrosis, we may advise a treatment called Miradry performed at our sister clinic Venus Medical.